Atoms Water Wand FAQ

Q - How does the Atoms Water Wand work?

A - When the wand is placed in water and shaken or stirred a wave of energy is released into the water which causes minerals to break down and lose their bond with water molecules.

Q - How is this beneficial to you?

A - Minerals and other substances are attached to water molecules. In order for water to penetrate blood cells, the water molecules must shed minerals attached to water molecules and enter the blood cells through a separate ion channel. The minerals must enter through a different pathway to blood cells. This was first discovered by two scientists who were awarded a noble prize for their work. Since the wand action helps to separate the minerals from the water molecule faster, you will increase the rate of absorption of water and minerals salts to cells. This effect helps to increase mineral absorption, cellular hydration and removal of waste from blood cells.

Q - Does the wand make water more alkaline?

A - Water contains minerals which are also known as mineral salts. The wand wave action helps break down minerals in water which increases the amount of available salts in your body and safely raises the alkalinity of water in your body.

Q - How long does the wand last?

A - Like a battery the wand stays at full charge for up to 13 months from the first time you use it.

Q - How do you use the wands?

A - Place 1 wand in bottle or container up to 32 oz (1liters).Then add liquid you wish to treat. Then shake from side to side for 15 seconds. Place 3 wands in container up to one gallon 128 oz.(4 liters). Then fill with water or liquids and wait for 20 minutes for maximum effect. You can add more water or other liquid to bottle or container and it will charge it to. You can leave wands in container to charge the water and liquids more.

Q - Does the wand contain magnets or any toxic substances?

A - The wand contains no magnets or any toxic substances. This process was tested by EPA approved laboratories for safety.

Q - Are there other uses for the wand?

A - You can also treat fruit, vegetable and vitamin drinks with the wand. You may use this water for cooking, baking and watering house plants. Your pets will love this water too.

Q - Does the wand purify water?

A - No the wand does not purify water or other liquids.

Q - Can you store this water after it is treated?

A - You can store this water up to a week in the refrigerator or in a closed lid container not exposed to direct sunlight.

Q - Caring for the wand?

A - Wash wand with mild soap and water. Do not open, microwave, freeze or boil wand.

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